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 Scholarship and Bursary Programme

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PostSubject: Scholarship and Bursary Programme   Scholarship and Bursary Programme Icon_minitimeSun 12 Apr - 10:48

Nurturing Future Leaders

To enrich the talent and skills force in the countries in which we operate, we grant annual scholarships to students with outstanding academic credentials and leadership potential.

Since the scholarship programme began in Malaysia in 2000, we have provided over RM800,000 to about 30 students attending local universities who pursued studies in areas relevant to our forestry operations.

We are also planning to expand our support through a bursary scheme. More flexible than a scholarship, the bursary programme reaches out to a wider group young people, ranging from school leavers, students from low income background, to those admitted to special institutions for disability-related reasons.

The scholarship application requires the following documents (either in soft copy or hard/duplicate copy) to be sent or emailed to Samling:

1. Cover letter

2. Details of full education details and family financial background

3. Transcript of academic results and relevant certificates

4. Passport-sized photo

For further details on how to apply, please contact

"My dream is to be the first Kenyah doctor to provide medical assistance and improve health conditions in the forest villages. Growing up in the forest, I have experienced how difficult it can be to get medical help in the forest. I hope to make a real difference for these remote forest communities after I graduate."

Neilson Richard Seling

Medical Student from Marudi, who grew up in the forest villages of Long Palai and Long Jeeh

He received financial assistance from Samling to study medicine at the Russian State Medical University.

Back in 1997 during the Asian economic crisis, Samling’s scholarship was the only reason I was able to pursue Engineering at University of Cambridge. I would have to abandon the offer to read at the university if not for the scholarship as I could not have afforded the tuition fees and living expenses.

After completing my undergraduate degree, I was offered an opportunity to venture into the research of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) that will impact the global society, but also had an obligation to serve Samling. Unable to make a decision, I sought advice from the company. Samling understood my vision and highly encouraged me to pursue my doctoral degree."

Wong Chien Yaw

With Samling’s scholarship, Chien Yaw graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and Masters of Engineering with distinction. He has since completed his PhD in RFID Supply Chain. He was part of a tightly integrated global research team comprising of researchers from University of Cambridge, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and other leading universities around the world, responsible for turning RFID into a global technology used in commercial and private sectors.

"After spending some time researching for my thesis at Samling's Sela'an-Linau MTCC certified area, I find that there is a great opportunity to develop sustainable forestry practices in Sarawak.

Samling offered me a full-time position in its SFM unit upon graduation. I’m glad I can continue my involvement with SFM as there is much to be done."

Wilfred Sedau

Wilfred an Iban, completed his Bachelor in Forestry Science degree at Universiti Putra Malaysia in 2007.
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Scholarship and Bursary Programme
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