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 [TheMindBB] The National Indian Youth Convention 2009 - Gauging Sponsorship‏

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[TheMindBB] The National Indian Youth Convention 2009 - Gauging Sponsorship‏ Empty
PostSubject: [TheMindBB] The National Indian Youth Convention 2009 - Gauging Sponsorship‏   [TheMindBB] The National Indian Youth Convention 2009 - Gauging Sponsorship‏ Icon_minitimeSun 12 Apr - 11:13

Hi All,

TheMind is contemplating to organize The 2nd Indian Youth Convention
on Pursuing Excellence end of this year covering experts from
Academic, Public and Private fields. The last one was done on 2007.


We had a very good turnout, more than 300ppl attended. The cost per
head was RM150. Underprivileged Youths were been given Free entry.
Students and unaffording Youths have been given a subsidy rate with
minimum 50% discount from the full rate for unlimited number of seats.
Our aim was to enable more from the target group to benefit from this
initiative and various sponsors’ contribution enabled us to subsidize
this non-profit event.

We could see the need of it more for this year, due to the economic
slowdown, the number of people writing to us
-looking for job has increased two fold,
-many having difficulty in running small scale businesses
-many with spirit to come up in life wrote to us seeking many help,
from education advices, scholarships etc.

We are planning to reduce the cost and entry fee by further 20% to
enable more to able to attend this program. As usual, the poor, the
underprivileged children will get free entry and of course students
and economically not so well youths can look forward for a subsidy
rate. Depending on the number of sponsors we could get.

Being a non-profit event, this program relies on the sponsorship.
Thus, before working on this further we would like to gauge the
support of potential sponsors to work together with us to realize this
program per the below packages,

Premier Partner - RM20,000 package,
Diamond Package - RM15,000 package
Gold Package - RM8,000 package,
Silver Package - RM5,000 package
Bronze Package - RM3,000 package

Exact details of the packages have not been finalized yet but each
will include sponsorship for a number of underprivileged youths.

For more info, please contact
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[TheMindBB] The National Indian Youth Convention 2009 - Gauging Sponsorship‏
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