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 Advice on MD/MBBS Course

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PostSubject: Advice on MD/MBBS Course   Mon 13 Apr - 16:28

> from R. Rajesh <>
> Dear Nisha,
> Please bear these points in your mind. To enrol as medical student, it
> could achieved in two ways
> a) By IPTA
> (i) Through Government Matriculation
> Those with an excellent result in SPM are admitted to government
> matriculation. However, this entrance strictly requires any closer or
> full A's in all subjects. Sometimes students with full As also failed
> to enter government matriculation. So I could not foresee any chances
> for you at this level.
> (ii) Through STPM
> This is two year programme and with your current SPM result, you
> should able to enter STPM. However, to secure medical seat in IPTA,
> your score for STPM should be 3.9 or 4 flat.
> Being a medical lecturer at IPTA for past three years, I could say
> that approximately 80% of our Indian student intakes for IPTA medical
> seats have been come from matriculation. In another word, you stand
> better chance if you have enrolled in matriculation. However, the door
> is not completely shut as you can try your maximum level at STPM. Note
> that, an increasing number of students with full As in
> SPM/Matriculation/STPM certainly will raise the cutting point for the
> medical course.

> b) By local and overseas private medical schools
> (i) Local Private Medical Colleges
> You can precede your one year foundation/matriculation course at any
> private medical colleges like AIMST, IMU, Cyberjaya medical college,
> MAHSA College, Melacca Manipal College and Penang International
> Medical School. You can succeed to MD or MBBS programmes when you have
> complete and meet the minimal requirement in foundation course.
> However, the critical factor here is finance. Six years of study will
> cost you from RM200,000 to RM400,000. If your parents are able to
> support the cost, you may opt to this option. If you are depending on
> scholarship, remember that scholarship only given once you are
> successfully enrolled into medical programme. There is no scholarship
> given for foundation course and your parents somehow bear the first
> year cost for foundation. Furthermore, there is no grantee for
> scholarship even you have successfully entered into medical programme.
> (ii) Overseas medical schools
> Most common destiny will be Indonesia, Indian and Russia. Similar
> rules applied as local private medical colleges. However, make sure
> the medical degree awarded by the particular medical school is
> approved by JPA. The approval of JPA also varies as one medical school
> degree approved initially and than suspended later. If you have
> chosen, Russia and Indonesia, their medical curriculum taught in their
> national languages and it will impose an extra pressure to learn their
> languages. The expenses will be RM200, 000 to RM500,000 depends on
> local agents and institutes.

> All the best
> Dr. Rajesh
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Advice on MD/MBBS Course
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